Malibu based Ocean Tech California is an orginization that explores, researches, documents, educates, reviews, instructs, and creates commerce of the latest in sustainable ocean technology and research.


Our team posses over 50 combined years of business, rescue and ocean experience. We understand the growing markets of technology and the application of this tech to the public. Hard work, focus and determination are the key ingredients to our continued success.

Our goal is to provide global education to our interns in exchange for a unique experience to help change the world... 


Research topics are:


  • OTC Media Development

    • Utilize media to its maximum potential 

    • Maximize video to capture the organic truth of the subject

    • Utilize the music to emotion link

    • Direct, edit and produce content with conscience and compassion

    • Format to social media platforms


  • Categorize and Identify For-profit and Non-profit Companies

    • Develop positive working relationships

    • Create avenues of charity and donation

    • Sustain open communication and knowledge exchange

  • Government Agencies and Applicable Laws of Operation

    • Develop positive working relationships and open dialogues of knowledge exchange

    • Research and develop positive sustainable solutions in accordance with local and international government regualtions


  • Grant Research and Application

    • Research and identify all applicable grants

    • Develop working plans of application

    • Co-author grant applications

  • Behavioral Ocean Experience (Neuro-Synaptic Modification)

    • Co-develop and assist the developed process

    • Work with individuals immersed and track development

    • Record all data

Ocean Tech California's goal is to guide the intern experience to create the mutual benefit of the most modern practice of education and benefit our understanding of life.